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Alpine experience

As we have taken a couple of weeks away to enjoy a music festival in Switzerland we couldn’t help but go hiking on the green mountainsides, through thick forests, up and down dale. So yesterday, despite having just that morning been diagnosed with a dodgy knee that required rest and NO long walks we set […]

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Summery Exmouth

      Visiting Exmouth with our very special friends from South Africa meant we took in the sights and sounds as tourists for a change.  The wonderful start to our visit was that our friends commented on the beautiful floral displays around town.  I was thrilled that they noticed the effort made to keep […]

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Guest Reviews

We encourage all our Guests to leave a review on departure as all comments are noted and suggestions acted upon, where applicable.  Below are some recent testimonials.   “The choice of breakfast was really nice and the staff were really friendly and welcoming; they went out of their way to ensure our stay was pleasant.” […]

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So much going on

Exmouth is the centre of all things busy, i have discovered.  With the spring weather turning to summer there is no end of entertainment in the town or on the beach.  The Pavillion Theatre is super busy with shows like Acorn Antiques, Abba Tribute,  The Counterfeit 60’s and ECC Summer Showtime coming up soon.  We […]

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A week at Manor in March

hand bell ringers Manor Hotel

Having had the pleasure of spending a few days at Manor Hotel last week, enjoying walks along the beach and watching the sun set over the Exe estuary I was also amused at the in-house entertainment on offer. The Exmouth Boys Brigade hand bell ringers turned up on my first evening and played (or is […]

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