Exmouth Boy's Brigade Bell Ringers

Having had the pleasure of spending a few days at Manor Hotel last week, enjoying walks along the beach and watching the sun set over the Exe estuary I was also amused at the in-house entertainment on offer. The Exmouth Boys Brigade hand bell ringers turned up on my first evening and played (or is it rang?) a medley of well known tunes to the assembled guests in the bar, consisting of a group of ramblers visiting the area from Nottingham. I have never seen close up what a hand bell music score looks like, a page of jumbled numbers by the looks of it, but it made sense to the four ringers who each managed twice as many bells as usual due to a shortage of ringers that week.

The next afternoon a group of card players took over the bar area and proceeded to spend 2 hours playing the old fashioned game of cribbage, while other visitors sat, dictionaries at their sides, poring over an intense game of scrabble.  Many pots of tea are served during the course of these afternoons of friends getting together in the relaxed environment of the Hotel bar.

One lunch time Exmouth’s Rotary club assembled in the large dining room for their weekly lunch and meetings in the function room, which that evening was transformed into a colourfully decorated 50th birthday party venue complete with a revolving glitter ball, live entertainer Ian Boyd and fresh food served from the hotel kitchen.

Ian Boyd function Manor Hotel

Daily events at the hotel show quite what an important part of the community the hotel serves as.  We welcome amateur drama groups to rehearse in our function room as well as inviting budding musicians to practice for their next concert all the while our guest mingle with the local people exchanging information and finding out more about what’s what in town.