Bowls is the game

Exmouth boasts a very active Bowls Club and one that welcomes competition all year round. With a number of indoor rinks and outdoor greens it is no wonder the membership is keen and visitors are offered a good challenge. In fact, Exmouth and it’s surroundings are well known throughout the country for the fact that within the county of Devon there are as many as 103 Bowls Clubs.

Madeira Bowls Club was established in 1926 and is the largest bowls club in Devon. With a very active mens and ladies section national, county and local competitions are played all year round in addition to friendly matches against visiting and local clubs. The location just off the seafront in Exmouth makes the club easily accessible. It enjoys wonderful gardens surrounding the facilities.

When visiting clubs book themselves in to play a number of matches in our county we look forward to having them stay at Manor Hotel. Arriving in to Exmouth by coach the groups transfer to Madeira and neighbouring clubs for daily competitive matches before returning to the comfort of the hotel for a de-brief and some much needed relaxation. Sitting in the bar catching up with club members and friends after a long day on a rink is the perfect end to an active day. We are always happy to listen to the group banter over dinner in our dining room.

Forfeits are handed out to those members of the club who forgot their shoes back at the hotel, or who didn’t win their match that day. The highlight of the tour is the Awards Dinner which takes place in our newly refurbished dining room. Our team of chefs prepare a lovely menu of locally sourced produce to which you are offered a choice of fine wines (at very reasonable rates).

Should your trip include a day off from competing take a stroll around Exmouth or along the estuary to take in the wonderful views and sounds of our varied bird life. Everywhere is an easy walk from our convenient situation on The Beacon and we are happy to arrange for tickets to shows or cruises during your stay.

Playing indoors in the winter months is rather a novelty as not many clubs can offer such facilities. Some basic facts: Many players are either only indoor or outdoor bowlers, as I assume the sport, like many others can take up a lot of your time. Not everyone wants to be tied to one activity throughout the year. For those keen to play all year round it is wonderful to have a change of members to compete with, and against.

Obviously with the very different surface it becomes a whole other game requiring new skills and ideally another set of bowls. The change of speed of your bowls on carpet (fast) versus grass necessitates a physical difference in design for your ability to shine. It’s all to do with surface friction and bias but being bowlers you probably already know that.

Dear Ali and staff

On behalf of Loughborough Greenfields Bowls Club I would like to thank you all for looking after us so well last weekend. Everyone has remarked on the good food and service that we received.
Should we venture down that way again we will definitely book with you again.