Historic exmouth

This wonderful sea side town claims to be the oldest holiday resort in Devon having established itself during the 18th century. The healing saline waters were a draw for nobility and the wealthy to visit, enjoying the natural beauty and beautiful views of the area. Sir Walter Raleigh (born 1544) sailed on many of his voyages from Exmouth Harbour and Lady Nelson, Lord Nelson’s estranged wife, made Exmouth her home. Until 1861 the town was an elitist destination but once the first railway line was established, mass tourism flocked to the shores and fabulous sandy beaches. Byzantine Coins dating back to c 498-518 have been retrieved on the beach and signs of human occupation of Exmouth Point have been dated back to the 11th century when it was known as Lydwicnaesse, “the Point of the Bretons”. With access to the Exe estuary, shipping and limited commercial trade was established but improved with the building of a new Docke in 1825, encouraging a thriving community to spring up along the shoreline, more recently replaced by a residential Marina complex knows as Exmouth Quay.

The towns architecture encompasses everything from Cob cottages in outlying villages, now incorporated into the town, as well as Georgian, Victoria and Edwardian town houses. High above the generous promenade lies The Beacon which first became fashionable in Georgian Times and on which Manor Hotel proudly stands.

Discover historical sites and glean some fascinating information by walking the Exmouth Blue Plaque Heritage Trail https://www.visitexmouth.org/listings/history-trail/ Manor Hotel proudly displays a blue plaque at our front entrance.

Local guides are available to show you around the many historical and cultural sites of the town and surrounding area. We are happy to book a guided tour for your visit or check out the link https://britainsbestguides.org/guides/richard-madden/