On your bike

Over the past few years cycling has taken off as a healthy, energetic pastime for every age group .  With children as young as 4 years old managing to master the art of staying in the saddle it’s a wonderful day out for the family.  Exercise combined with fresh air and a huge choice of safe trails to explore it’s a wonderful way to spend weekend time together.  The diversity of choice from on road racing challenges to meandering along a gently undulating riverside trail means there is somewhere suitable for everyone.

Setting off from Exmouth with your group of family or friends on a mission to somewhere,  stop off for a break for refreshments and to catch your breath or wait for those left in your wake to catch up.  Pubs and tea shops beckon to revive you before tackling the next few miles.  It’s exhilarating to be able to pick up some speed and feel the tension in the legs as they pedal faster and faster.  You are also doing yourself a huge favour as cycling is one of the best forms of exercise that has huge benefits for your health. No hard impact pounding on joints or strain on backs or ankles – just good all round fitness. Take time to enjoy the scenery along the trails, chat with friends alongside you and if necessary there is, in some cases,  a train to take you home at the end of a long day in the saddle.

There are many diverse routes close to Exmouth begging to be explored, with maps and information on the route easily accessed before you head off.  Helmet, suitable clothing, tool kit and a drink together with a bicycle in good working order and your day is set.  The good news is you can hire a bicycle from a local reputable outlet to save you traveling with yours.  You will arrive home from your visit to Exmouth with a wonderful sense of satisfaction having had fun, a sociable time and got the heart rate going too.  It’s a win win.

We at Manor Hotel look forward to welcoming you and your bicycle (which we will keep safe for you once you step out of the saddle) after your day exploring our surroundings.

If it’s competitive cycling you are hoping to join then visit the UK cycling website for events – camaraderie combined with a healthy wish to pass the finish line first is what these events are for.  There are many destinations to choose from. And Exmouth is one of them.

I took the opportunity of a glorious Sunday morning in August to rent a bicycle from Exmouth Cycles and followed the signs to the Exe trail, towards Exeter.  Passing families and individuals, racing bikes and even electric powered ones i relished the peace and quiet.  Views across the Estuary are ever changing with sailing boats heading out for a race and some brave youngsters Stand Up Paddling – with the current…  Passing the Puffing Billy pub where pints of beer and water were being enjoyed by walkers and cyclists alike, i felt like stopping off but Topsham was my destination and so i peddled on. It is a lovely ride, not hilly, well signposted and beautifully safe away from traffic other than the occasional dog. Thank you Exmouth Cycle Hire!