Walking Routes

Never underestimate the wonders of walking. Whether it be to work, or the pub….. Wherever your steps take you there will be something of interest to look at along the way.  We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful land and sea scapes begging to be explored and enjoyed.  Right from the hotel’s front door you can be heading along the shore within a few minutes and from there the world is your oyster.  Every guest coming to stay takes at least a little time out to breathe in the fresh, salty sea air and let the breeze ruffle their hair. That’s what a sea side holiday is all about.

Strolling along one or several of the wonderfully diverse walking paths transports you past historic landmarks with views across the estuary and of course gives a chance to enjoy seeing the thousands of migratory birds making the banks of our waters theirs. 

The wonderful thing about walking is that you can do it at your own pace, with or without friends or a dog and in any weather. The trials around Exmouth lend themselves perfectly to groups of friends or persons interested in combining their holiday with exploring the area.  It costs nothing and is a fabulous form of exercise.  We should all being doing more of it.  All you need are some sturdy shoes as paths can be uneven and suitable clothing to keep you warm should the weather change while you are out and about.  Luckily there are many bench seats to sit and take a breather on, or open your flask and have a cuppa while capturing the scene.

I would suggest a little homework is done before your holiday starts in order not to miss out on what’s available to the keen walkers amongst you.  It doesn’t matter whether you only really want a short stroll or a day long hike, it’s all right there and very well sign posted and accessible.   Of course you could visit as often as you wish and never repeat a walk, there are so many to choose from.

Around the local area

Some paths take you via gastronomic pubs like Exeter’s Mill on the Exe or a beer garden to give your taste buds a treat. Visit Doddiscombsleigh where the Nobody Inn offers a truly honest country fare experience along with 300 different whisky flavours to savour.

There is even a café in the middle of the estuary itself, the River Exe Café; a custom built barge that floats in the Estuary serving delicious home cooked food from April to October. Well worth a boat trip for the fun and experience but remember to book as it’s very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Find out more about your surroundings by engaging with these links and maps. There are many websites offering routes and maps, information on points of interest. Each one will offer you exactly the details you want to be armed with to embark on your trip.

It’s a well known fact that Exmouth lies at the start, or end (depending on which way you travel) of the world heritage Jurassic Coast with historic interests and formidable walks waiting to challenge keen explorers. Fossil hunting, petrified tree trunks and quartzite pebbles as well as a few short but steep ascents are all part of the experience.  Can you imagine the excitement of you yourself coming across a piece of ancient history on the magical coastal path?  Find out more and plan your route.