Water sports

Water, lapping at one’s feet, waves crashing on the shore, it’s one of those soothing sounds of nature. A necessity for life and a wonderful playground.

Paddling in cool salt water to soothe tired feet is immensely healing and surfing the waves on a board gets the adrenalin flowing.  Most people love some kind of activity by or in the sea for recreation and where better than on your doorstep.

The wind blows reliably on our shores encouraging windsurfers and sailors to head out onto the estuary or the bay for some entertainment.  With so many options of water sports to choose from we are lucky to have wonderful training facilities for everyone. Water demands respect and living on the sea reminds us of just how much we need to watch out.  The weather can change in a short moment and catch us unawares with high winds bringing rough seas and calamity to those out on the water in small vessels.  Exmouth’s coast and beach is fabulously well monitored by our coast guard and lifeboat. Respect is also required for the equipment you are using on the water. Masts can snap, oars lost and falling off or out of a vessel happens in a blink of an eye.  Keep your experience in the sea exciting and fun as well as safe. For those who are well prepared and trained many forms of water sport bring challenge and competitiveness with it.


Hardly a days go by without seeing boats or boards of all shapes and sizes passing by.  The colourful sails of boats, windsurfers and kite boarders fill the horizon and the car parks are busy with people changing into or out of their wet suits. Car roof tops have kayak’s, SUPs or surf boards strapped on – so that if and when the conditions are right they are ready for action. There are classes for beginners and advanced sports people, kit for hire and also competitions to take part in whether it’s boarding or sailing, surfing or paddling there is always something on the go where there’s water.

There is so much on offer to learn, take part in or explore
Kayak — Surf — Kite board — Sail — Stand up Paddle
Not only that, they are great spectator sports too.

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