An extraordinary day in a young couple’s life is their wedding day and with so much planning and dreaming leading up to it, all factors need to be taken into account.

How to get to the ceremony and reception on time is very much a personal choice or indeed in some cases a wonderful surprise from the Groom for his Bride. With so many wonderful ideas possible we welcome each Bride to alight on the doorstep of our historical Hotel, in style.

All brides dream of the moment they climb into their chariot of choice to take them to their wedding ceremony as a bride-to-be and shortly thereafter with her new husband to whisk them off to their reception as newly weds.  This is the moment of truth after what is often many months of planning.

The method of transport must be carefully thought out as the wedding dress itself needs to be accommodated, the possible weather permutations and the theme of the wedding day taken into account. Young girls dream of a fairy tale wedding and can be forgiven for revisiting this romantic idea for the real event. Romantic horse drawn carriages have pulled up outside our historic hotel, with the bride alighting carefully into the arms of her new groom.

A photographer’s delight! Large limousines bedecked with flowers or ribbons pull up to cheers of the assembled guests.  Tractors, Mini’s, Ferrari’s and many other forms of transport have arrived on our doorstep.  It is a fairy tale setting up on The Beacon with sun sets over Exmouth Bay and most definitely a dream come true.  Guests and photographers will be oohing and aahing at the visual delight. Whatever you choose, our staff are on hand to assist with any aspect of your wedding day requirements.