Arrive in Style to Your Wedding Party at Manor Hotel

An extraordinary day in a young couple’s life is their wedding day and with so much planning and dreaming leading up to it, all factors need to be taken into account. How to get to the ceremony and reception on time is very much a personal choice or indeed in [...]

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Visiting Exmouth

Visiting Exmouth with our very special friends from South Africa meant we took in the sights and sounds as tourists for a change. The wonderful start to our visit was that our friends commented on the beautiful floral displays around town. I was thrilled that they noticed the effort made [...]

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Exmouth Entertainment

Exmouth is the centre of all things busy, i have discovered.  With the end of summer now here there is still fun entertainment in the town and on the beach.  We support all different types of culture happening in the town including the up coming Exmouth Pavilion Theatre will all [...]

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