Of course heading to the seaside means ‘fish’ will be involved in one way or another.  Kids will spend hours investigating rock pools and shallows for the tiny bait fish that create beautiful patterns in the water when they dart around.  Others will while away their time sitting on the quay or standing in the surf, rod in hand hoping for a bite on the end of the line or of course you head out to one of the many seaside restaurants and order the ‘catch of the day’ for dinner.

Fishing Excursions In Exmouth

Exmouth is no exception to being fishy and daily trips out in wooden fishing boats to enjoy some sport, inhale the fresh sea air and spend quality time with friends is easily arranged.  The hours enjoyed searching for mackerel or indeed heading out to the reef are made all the more pleasant in the knowledge that you have experts on board to give advice and offer know-how and who are willing to prepare your catch for when you return home to show off your prowess.  You don’t even need to bring your own rod, but do check when booking the excursion.

Spectators are obviously more than welcome to join the tour and can be bird watching or just lazing the day away reading a book and enjoying the tranquility but everyone must make sure they come armed with suitable attire.  The weather can blow in, or out for that matter and there’s nothing worse than not being prepared.  Pop along to one of the fishing trip booths on the sea front and treat yourself to a day out of the office.