With news and in particular social media full of images of rivers flowing with plastic and huge areas of our oceans covered in floating plastic debris we feel strongly that our planet is suffering from our carelessness and thoughtlessness.  Why do we need to wrap everything in a man made film that just can’t degrade due to it’s components?  Our local supermarket has recently ‘upgraded’ all the fresh produce display from lovely baskets filled with colourful fruit and veg which shoppers then put inside a thin plastic bag  (!) (why not paper) and have installed miles of chiller units with sliding doors behind which all fruit and veg is shrink wrapped into portion size plastic trays with plastic wrapping. I totally get the chilled unit idea will keep the fresh produce fresher for longer and therefore making it more appealing for the shopper for longer but the need for endless plastic packaging can’t possibly be the right way forward.  The sooner some clever scientist comes up with bags and packaging that are compostable (rather than just biodegradable, as these actually aren’t really what we are led to believe), the better.

At Manor Hotel we have implemented a Green Initiative and have requested that guests don’t expect their towels to be replaced – and therefore washed and dried – every day but to rather hang them up to air dry and use them again. After all, isn’t that what you do at home?  We have removed our tiny, individually wrapped soaps and small tubes of shampoo and replaced them with lovely hand pump bottles with deliciously scented Mango and Honey soap and shampoo thereby reducing all the packaging to nothing.  Our plastic water glasses in the bathrooms have been replaced with glass, again negating all waste.   In the kitchens and bar we have made provision for recycling of glass, plastic, food waste, paper and card and yes it takes a little effort but seeing footage of huge seas of plastic around the world makes us think we are at least trying to help.

We have installed LED lighting in our hotel corridors to reduce power consumption and added movement sensors so that lights aren’t on unnecessarily when no-one is about.  We are convinced that if every person spent a moment every day thinking about the wonderful world we live in and are made aware of the suffering the wildlife and habitat go through due to our consumer / lifestyle ‘needs’, the sooner everyone will think twice before chucking a plastic bag into a bin which will end up in a landfill site for decades to come, or wrapped around a vulnerable animal or indeed in their stomach!  So please, help us help the planet.