Visiting Exmouth with our very special friends from South Africa meant we took in the sights and sounds as tourists for a change.  The wonderful start to our visit was that our friends commented on the beautiful floral displays around town.  I was thrilled that they noticed the effort made to keep Exmouth looking so incredible – the displays are all so well kept and watered.  Manor Gardens is positively blooming and abundant with colour, a pleasure to spend time in.  The weekly concerts held in the Gardens are well attended and a treat to have on our doorstep.

During our weekend we had the pleasure of experiencing a Stuart Lines cruise up the River Exe – a wonderfully entertaining and interesting 90 minutes cruising on the top deck of Tudor Rose with running commentary by the young skipper.  Some passengers indulged in a cream tea during the trip – such decadence!   Stuart Line has won a string of accolades and awards for it’s services to tourism – they are well worth a visit.

Exmouth beach was very busy over the weekend as we were blessed with stunning warm weather meaning the ice cream parlours had to be visited.  With so many to choose from one could have an ice cream every day of the month from a different booth or even ice cream truck!  We happened to come across a small market with musicians entertaining the people browsing creating a very relaxed atmosphere.  You can see the heavy clouds hanging over the event and yes, we got wet walking back home…

Saturday afternoon leant itself perfectly to a quick 9 holes of golf on the gloriously groomed East Devon Golf Course.  The spectacular views are rather off putting, the eye wanders to the sight of the rolling hills, green trees, sparkling blue sea and ever changing cloud formations. WOW!